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Limekiln Kennels

"the best care when you're not there"

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Booking your pets in to Limekiln Kennels

To board with us here at limekiln your pet will need to be upto date with their yearly vaccinations, dogs will also need to have had the kennel cough vaccination.

We cater for small, medium and large dogs, and cats of all types and breeds,

and we are proud to offer your pet the very best in accommodation and care.


Kennels may be booked on an individual basis or for 2 dogs/cats sharing. There is a reduction for dogs/cats from the same household sharing a kennel.


If your dog/cat has special dietary requirements or needs medication please feel free to discuss this with us.


All boarders are charged for the day of admission regardless of the time of their arrival. No charge, however, will be made for the day of departure if the dog/cat is collected before Midday.

For collections made later in the day ( between 4-6pm) an additional charge will be made of 50% of the daily boarding charge.


All boarding fees are to be paid in full by cash, card or cheque, prior to the dogs/cats departure from the kennels.

Boarding fees


1 dog       £13.00 per night

2 dogs     £23.00 per night



1 cat        £10.00 per night

2 cats      £18.00 per night


Dog Day-care

Available 8.30am - 6pm (Mon-Fri only).

£10.00 per session

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